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The Banat Military Frontier was a strip of territory which paralleled the left bank of the Danube from the confluence with the Theiss to Orschowa. In the settlement phase of the Banat, Magyars (Germans) were largely excluded from settling in both the Military Frontier and the Civil Banat. In a potential Magyar uprising or open rebellion against the Habsburgs, the Crown viewed the Banat Military Frontier as a buffer preventing the facile unification of Magyar revolutionaries and Turks.

The militia farmers (Colonists) of these military districts received the free use of farm land in return for part time military service. These farmers, or Grenzers, were, in most cases, indigenous peoples from the area of which the districts were formed.

For more information, please refer to Dave Dreyer’s “VII Grenzland Introduction


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Name Age Village Date Comments Film #
Adelhart Johann Homolitz 158 Jul 1800 1347790
Adelmann Peter 28 Reschitz Dec 1798 To Gyulay Frei Corp 1172591
Albrecht Franz 28 Albenbetz?/Lothringen Mar 1795 1172588
Albrecht Franz 29 Albenbutz/Lorthrngen Mar 1795 to Brooder Grenz Regiment 1172589
Antulopich Peter 25 Rasz Frekass/Temes Jul 1799 Transfer from IR 39 to 6th Komponent Grenz Battalion 1347791
Antzellinger Andreas 38 Gr Petersdorf/Lothringen Sep 1796 To Gyulay Frei Corp 1172590
Armbruster Johann Glogon 87 Sep 1796 [*24.10.1772] 1172589
Babo Ignatz 39 Auchstatten/Reich Jul 1790 1172605
Bach Johann Georg 20 Denta Feb 1784 1172588
Baier Michael 23 Langen/Oesterreich Feb 1797 To Gyulay Frei Corp 1172590
Balay Bernhard 44 Strassburg/Elsass Dec 1791 ledig 1172605
Bartz Lorenz 20 Ulmbach Jan 1795 to Brooder Grenz Regiment [*27.09.1770 Ulmbach] 1172589
Battistig Johann 20 Goerz/Friaul/Italia Aug 1784 1172601
Bauer Michael 34 Stadt Nuernberg Nov 1790 Evang, Transferred from 6th Komponent Battalion to 50th IR 1347790
Bauer Michael Stadt Nurnburg Dec 1798 Corporal 1172591
Baumann Johann Glogon 152 Sep 1796 1172589
Baumann Johann Glogon 152 Apr 1799 To Reserve Battalion 1172592
Baumgartner Adam Apfeldorf 120 Sep 1796 1172589
Baumgartner Jacob 18 Temeswar Jul 1792 Banater Frei Corps 1172605
Baumgartner Jakob 18 Pantschowa May 1792 To Banater Frei Corp 1172605

Extracted by David Dreyer December, 2005
Updated by Karen Dalton Preston August, 2020