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The Banat Military Frontier was a strip of territory which paralleled the left bank of the Danube from the confluence with the Theiss to Orschowa. In the settlement phase of the Banat, Magyars (Germans) were largely excluded from settling in both the Military Frontier and the Civil Banat. In a potential Magyar uprising or open rebellion against the Habsburgs, the Crown viewed the Banat Military Frontier as a buffer preventing the facile unification of Magyar revolutionaries and Turks.

The militia farmers (Colonists) of these military districts received the free use of farm land in return for part time military service. These farmers, or Grenzers, were, in most cases, indigenous peoples from the area of which the districts were formed.

For more information, please refer to Dave Dreyer’s “VII Grenzland Introduction


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Name Age Place of Origin Spouse/Age Children Settled Date/Place
Abille, Josef 22 Klosterreichenbach = Baiersbronn, Kr. FDS 1771 Govedarovac
Ackermann, Adam 42 Temeswar III -"Mayerhöfe" RO Margaretha 41 Johann 13, Adam 11, Nikolaus 3, Peter 3, Paulina 5 1771 1773/D Pantschowa
Ackermann, Johann 48 Meringen, Schweiz (Switzerland) CH Margaretha 41 Franz Josef 5 1770
Ackermann, Nikolaus 41 Mallingen, Lothringen (Lorraine) F (unmarried) 1770
Ackermann, Nikolaus 44 Wahlen = Losheim, Kr. MZG (SL) 1769 1773/D Pantschowa
Aletze, Franz 36 Oberkirch, Kr. OG (BW) Anna Maria Josef 8, Magdalena 1/2 1771 1773 Oppova
Algeier, Catharine 51 Freiburg, Kr. FR (BW) widow 1773 Govedarovac
Alice, Franz 34 Oberkirch, Kr. OG (BW) Anna Maria Franz Josef 7 [to Oppova] 1771 Sakule
Alice, Georg 38 Forstweiler, Kr. AA (BW) Veronica [ex Sakula] 1773 Govedarovac
Alice, Georg 36 Forstweiler, Kr. AA (BW) 1771 Sakule
Alice, Georg 37 Forstweiler, Kr. AA (BW) Veronika [ex Sakula] 1772 Govedarovac
Allmann, Johann 53 St. Leonhard, Elsaß (Alsace) F Margaretha Franz Anton 20, Magdalena 8 1771 1773 Homolitz
Allmann, Johann 50 St. Leonhard, Elsaß (Alsace) F Margaretha Anton 18, Johann 9, Magdalena 5 [to Homolitz] 1771 Govedarovac
Altgeur, Katharina 50 Freiburg, Kr. FR (BW) widow 1772 Govedarovac
Amarian, Johann Georg 52 Niederehnheim (Niedernai), Elsaß (Alsace) F Katharina Wenzel 18, Josef 17, Ludwig 12 [to Glogon] 1773 Sefkerin
Amberger, Anton 8 Sankt Peter, Elsaß (Alsace) F orphan 1773 Sefkerin
Andert, Josef 57 Schliengen, Kr. Lörrach (BW) Anna Maria 36 Elisabeth 3 1770
Andres, Stefan 45 Meistratzheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Margaretha Johann Michael 17, Anna Maria 23 1770 1773 Apfeldorf
Anjelica, Maria 40 "Platin" ? (TH) widow Caspar 20, Eberhard 11 1770
Antoine, Margaretha 59 Dagstuhl = Wadern, Kr. MZG (SL) widow Johann Peter 22, Johann 13, Leminicus 10, Margaretha 13, Franziska 8, Barbara 4 1770

Extracted by David Dreyer December, 2005
Updated by Karen Dalton Preston August, 2020