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Quellen zur Deutschen Seidlungsgeschischte in Südosteuropa

By Wilhelm & Kalbrunner

In the 1700's and early 1800's, the Austrian monarchy recruited "colonists" to relocate from other parts of the Austrian Empire to fill the Hungarian plains with a good, upstanding, German-speaking population. Initially, they recruited only Catholic settlers, and late in the 1700's Protestant settlers were permitted.

During this government sponsored colonization, the new settlers were given land, houses, money, release from military service, tax breaks, etc., to entice them to move. To get all these benefits, the new colonists had to "register" with the government authorities in Vienna. With typical Germanic efficiency, all of the colonist information was recorded when they registered, in hand-written documents that are now in the Austrian National Archives in Vienna. These documents are often referred to as the "Vienna Lists".

In the 1930's the Lists were transcribed and published as a reference book by, Kalbrunner & Wilhelm, under the title "Quellen zur Deutschen Seidlungsgeschischte in Südosteuropa" or "Sources for German Settlers in Southeaster Europe". This book is a transcription of the info in the original 18th C. documents, plus an alphabetical index by surname.

Since the place of origin in western Europe is noted for many of the people who came through Vienna, this work is an excellent resource for family historians who are researching their roots. The book was out of print for some years and more recently reprinted but the price of the reprint edition is beyond the means of most family history researchers.


Under license from the publisher, the work is now avilable on CD in PDF format.

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