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Books About the Banat

L'émigration des lorrains vers le Banat et la Batschka au 18ème siècle, Tome 1, recueil généalogique

(Emigration from the Province of Lorraine to the Banat and the Batschka in the 18th Century, Volume 1,  A Genealogical Collection)


The first volume of Charles Amann's work "L'émigration des lorrains vers le Banat et la Batschka au 18ème siècle" (Emigration from the Province of Lorraine to the Banat and the Batschka in the 18th Century, Volume 1, a Genealogical Collection) is now available.

This book makes the link between Lorraine and the Banat & Batschka, and lists the families in the style of a "Familienbuch". The book also contains family genealogies, and is easy for everyone to use and understand, without a knowledge of French.

The price is 35 €; North American shipping cost is 16 €.

NB: There are only a few Books available, and there will be no re-prints.

Charles Amann
32 Rue de la Prairie
57460 Bousbach FRANCE


Please email Charles Amann with your name and postal address to order a copy of the book.

Baraganer Totenbuch 1951-1956

Uwe Detemple has written a book detailing the Banater deaths in the deportation to the Baragan.



A portion of the book can be previewed at the German web site

The cost is 12 € plus shipping costs to the US of 5.00 €. Uwe accepts payment via PayPal. If you wish to order and pay by PayPal, also include 1 € to cover the PayPal transaction fee.

To order, send email to Uwe Detemple.

Here is a link to the announcement in German on the Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben web site.

The Book is also available from the German Apple iBookstore and the German Amazon Kindle-Shop. You must be a German resdient and have an account on the service to order the book from either on-line Bookstore.

My Journey From the Banat to Canada

By Nick Tullius

Banat to Canada

Nick Tullius grew up in the 1940s and 1950s in the Banat region of Romania. After his US-born mother dies doing forced labour in the USSR, and his father remains in the West, he finds his way with the support of a grandmother, completing high school and University in Temeswar/Timişoara.

In the second part of My Journey from the Banat to Canada, author Nick Tullius describes his emigration to Canada, and his adaptation to a new social order, languages and customs.


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Städte und Dörfer (Towns and Villages)

Editor: Elke Hoffmann / Peter-Dietmar Leber / Walter Wolf


Contributions to the settlement history of the Germans in the Banat. Series: The Banat and the Banat Swabians, Volume 5, published by the Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben, Munich 2011, ISBN 3-9229979-63-7, large format, 670 pages + 1 map, price € 45 - plus shipping costs.

More Information & Book Review

From the Banat to North Dakota

By David Dreyer and Josette Hatter

From the Banat to North Dakota: A History of the German-Hungarian Pioneers in Western North Dakota

Banat to North Dakota

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Das Banat und Die Banater Schwaben Band 3

ByNikolaus Engelmann

Das Banat und die Banater Schwaben - Hier nur Band 3 - Trachten und Brauchtum - Bilder, Spraxchstücke, Beschreibungen


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The Banat Germans

By Nikolaus Engelmann (Translated by John M. Michels)

The Banat Germans

Die Banater Schwaben by Nikolaus Engelmann, first printed in German in 1961. It describes the history and culture of the German settlements in the Banat, with minimal mention of the events following WWII. It was one of the first such books about the Banat heritage to appear in English. It was originally addressed to the descendants of the Banat Germans who settled in North Dakota, whose knowledge of their background was minimal and whose interest was high.


Ordering Information for the English Translation:
Public Affairs
University of Mary
7500 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

Josef Frank Publications

Materialien zur Besiedlung des suedwestlichen Banats
(Materials for the settlement of the southwestern Banat )

Band I
Josef Frank, "Pass-Protokolle des Deutsch-banatischen Grenzregiments 1796-1809"
Self published, Sindelfingen 2004 (SOLD OUT)

Band II
Josef Frank, "Die Besiedlung des suedwestlichen Banats im Lichte historischer Karten und Quellen 1690-1821"
Self published, Sindelingen 2005. (Several Still Available. 30€, plus shipping costs)

Band III

Das Dorf Sakule im Banat

Josef Frank, "Das Dorf Sakule im Banat"
Self published, Sindelfingen 2011 NEW Release Price: 30 € plus shipping costs.

Ordering Information:
Please contact the Author
Josef Frank, Rosenstr. 26, 71063 Sindelfingen