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Mercydorf Familienbuch
Vol I 1735-1832/43

By Karl Benz & Edgar Aldag

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Family book of the Catholic parish of Mercydorf in the Banat, including filial parishes of Baratzhausen, Hodony and Schadan, with entries from Neu-Beschenowa and St. Andreas.

1737/1734-1832/1843 by Karl Benz and Edgar Aldag (Part 1), ed. v. Working Group Danube Swabian Genealogists (AKdFF), Sindelfingen 2010.

Series of Danube Swabian Origin Research, Volume 167, German Ortssippenbücher Volume B 495, Central Office for Personal and Family History, D 60509 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Hardcover with gold printing, 640 pages, 2 maps, area location map, color photo of the church.

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