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The Banat Military Frontier was a strip of territory which paralleled the left bank of the Danube from the confluence with the Theiss to Orschowa. In the settlement phase of the Banat, Magyars (Germans) were largely excluded from settling in both the Military Frontier and the Civil Banat. In a potential Magyar uprising or open rebellion against the Habsburgs, the Crown viewed the Banat Military Frontier as a buffer preventing the facile unification of Magyar revolutionaries and Turks.

The militia farmers (Colonists) of these military districts received the free use of farm land in return for part time military service. These farmers, or Grenzers, were, in most cases, indigenous peoples from the area of which the districts were formed.

For more information, please refer to Dave Dreyer’s “VII Grenzland Introduction


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Name Age Place of Origin Spouse/Age Children Settled Date/Place
Dahinder, Josef 33 Ottendorf (Courtavon), Elsaß (Alsace) F Katharina Florian 4, Maria Anna 10, Margaretha 9, Magdlena 7 1770 1773 Sefkerin
Daub, Franz 22 Talingen (Talange), Lothringen (Lorraine) F Katharina 1773 S Pantschowa
Deckescher, Heinrich 31 Rumersheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Barbara Barbara 4 1770 1773 S Pantschowa
Deninger, Anton 21 Rosheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Anna Maria Josef 12, Johanna 1 1773 Starzova
Denkinger, Severin 38 Gaisbach = Oberkirch, Kr. OG (BW) Anna Maria Franz Josef10, Franz Anton 7, Ursula 4, Anna Maria 1 1773 Starzova
Deppert, Balthasar 15 Ortenberg, Kr. OG (BW) (unmarried) 1770
Deppert, Michael 41 Winzenheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Magdalena Catharine 1 1773 Govedarovac
Desper, Melchior 29 Biesheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Katharina 1772 Kubin
Desper, Melchior 30 Biesheim, Elsaß (Alsace) F Katharina 1773 Kubin
Desspora, Franz 25 Straßburg, Elsaß (Alsace) F Maria Magdalena 23 1770
Dietrich, Anna Maria 30 Saubach = Bonndorf, Kr. WT (BW) widow Math 15, Anton 12, Margaretha 30, Margaretha 10 1771 Sakule
Dippold, Magdalena 29 Rantsweiler, Elsaß (Alsace) F widow 1772 Kubin
Dippold, Magdalena 30 Rantsweiler, Elsaß (Alsace) F widow of a Reichs-colonist 1773 Kubin
Dix, Johann 49 Berlin, Brandenburg Katharina 1773 Apfeldorf
Doenj, Peter 29 Altdorf, Elsaß (Alsace) F Magdalena 1770 1773 S Pantschowa
Doeny, Johann 52 Altdorf, Elsaß (Alsace) F widower Katharina 23, Gertrud 19, Barbara 12 1770 1773 S Pantschowa
Dokonal, Catharine 45 Glatz (Kloudzko), Schlesien (PL) military widow 1773 Govedarovac
Dolt, Philipp 44 Kransberg = Usingen Kr. HG (HE) Magdalena Ursula 6 1772 Kubin
Dolt, Philipp 45 Kransberg = Usingen Kr. HG (HE) Magdalena Ursula 10, Elisabeth 3/4 1772 1773 Kubin
Domein, Anna Maria 46 Schöbischheim/Schwaben ? widow Elisabeth 7 1773/D Pantschowa

Extracted by David Dreyer December, 2005
Updated by Karen Dalton Preston August, 2020