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Family Books of the Banat

Danube Swabians Resources

Familienbuch Modosch Im Banat
und ihrer Filialen Csavos, Fenj, Gad, Schurjan, Todjer, Oredj und Kaptalan

By Johann Porte & Justine Masching

Vorarbeit für ein Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde

MODOSCH IM BANAT und ihrer Filialen Csavos, Fenj, Gad, Schurjan, Todjer, Oredj und Kaptalan

von Johann Porte und Justine Masching, Wien

Geburten von 1781 - 1854
Heiraten von 1783 - 1829
Sterbefälle von 1780 - 1854

Price: 20 € plus postage

For orders in North America:
email Karen Preston

For orders in Europe:
Josef Michels
Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112
St. Georgen, Germany
phone: +0049 7724 7122

Familienbuch Brestowatz (Aga) mit Filialen
❉1803 / ∞1804 / +1784-1990

By Josf Michels

Familienbuch Brestowatz (Aga) mit Filialen, *1803 / oo 1804 / + 1784 – 1990; Price: 25 € plus postage.

To order contact the author:
Josef Michels
Spittelberg Strasse 11
D-78112 St Georgen

Or by email:

Familienbuch Warjasch im Banat
1786 - 2013 (Band I & II) Released

Produced by Heimatortsgemeinschaft Warjasch, this two volume set is 70 € plus shipping.

They can be ordered by contacting Heimatortsgemeinschaft Warjasch, Franz Zillich, Industriestr. 9, 84030 Ergolding,

Bruckenau Familienbuch Update Released

A new Bruckenau family book has been published.

This work supersedes the old out of print volume which covered the years 1760-1852.

The new work, by Brunhile Hinkel and Franz Junginger, is a two volume set covering Bruckenau and its Filialen 1730-2013. The price is 80 € plus shipping costs.

Copies can be ordered from Manfred Loris via email.

Pre-publication Requests for New Darowa Familienbuch Release

The Darowa HOG is planning a new edition of the Darowa Familienbuch if they receive 50 or more pre-publication orders.

The previous edition of 2009 by Martin Mahalek has been out of print for several years. The new edition will contain corrections of data which have been noted as well as new family data. This new edition will be published when 50 prepublication orders have been received.

To add your name to the list of those interested in a copy, go to the Darowa HOG home page and from the der Vorstand tab send an email to Hans Winze or Herbert Molitor requesting that your name be added to the pre-publication interest list.

Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Dolatz im Banat


Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Dolatz im Banat
with Filials Gier, Rudna (to 1899) & Tolwadia 1815 - 1982,
by Anton Neff: Sindelfingen 2013. 2 Volumes, 1665 pages, 80 € + shipping

The Dolatz Family Book by Anton Neff is available now.

Copies can be ordered from the AKdFF. Email:

Deutsch Bentschek Familienbuch

{No Cover art available}

Volume I of the Deutsch Bentschek Family Book, 1793-1852, by Franz Schneider was published in 2003. Franz Schneider died December 2012 before he could finish Volume II.

The second volume, 1852-2011 has now been completed by his family especially his nephew, Armin Mueller.

The price for the approximately 800 page book is 45 € plus postage.

To order your copy, please send your request to Wilhelm Kuhn:

or by mail:
Wilhelm Kuhn
Eichbergstrasse 24A
79117 Freiburg

Ortsfamilienbuch SCHAG und PARATZ

Schag und Paratz

The Heimatortsgemeinschaften (Association of Former Residents) of Schag and Paratz have published a local Family Book for the Catholic communities of SCHAG and PARATZ, which coincided with their Gathering on September 21st 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The work includes about 1,800 pages and is published in two volumes. It is especially recommended for people who are interested in researching the family history and the origins of their ancestors. The main source of the data is the Church records for baptisms, marriages and burials, and is supplemented with data from various other sources.

The total price for both volumes is 80 € plus shipping. Those interested in purchasing the books may order now from the HOG Board by telephone [(+49) 0721 827854] or from the Author:
Mr. Herbert Mayer
Opitzstr. 18,
68307 Mannheim Germany
You may also contact the author by email to order the Family Books.

Familienbuch Tschakowa


A three volume set of Tschakowa family book by Anton Neff has now been published.
The price is 110 €, plus 54 € postage (by priority air mail from Germany).
Order from:
Hans Brunn
Baeuml Str 26
82178 Puchheim Germany
or by email to Gertrud Brunn-Muschong

Familienbuch Großkomlosch in the Banat 1793-1990


Family Book of the Catholic parish Großkomlosch in the Banat 1793-1990, by Nikolaus Horn, published by the AVBF, Villingen-Schwenningen, 2013, 840 pages.

The Family book has been prepared based on the Catholic Church books and was supplemented with data in previously-published Banat family books. Data contributed by descendants and other researchers, and death dates taken from the Banater Post complete the data set.

A timeline provides a short histroy of the village with well-known and lesser-known events of village life. The main portion of the book is divided into four sections. The largest section contains the families and individuals of Großkomloscher Catholic families. Also included are those who died in the old age home (monastery), the former workers on the manor (Pußta Wiseschdia Mileva and dairy), and Gypsy families. An appendix contains the usual indexes (wives, surnames, places, professions) and multiple lists including extracts from the ship passenger lists, veterans of the First and Second World Wars, Großkomloschers who fled in 1944, were taken to forced labor in the USSR, were part of the Baragan deportation, and a list of names with their nicknames. Family numbers provide a reference for these individuals.

The book is 45 €, plus shipping costs.

Please note: The book does not contain any English versions of the text.

To order the book:
In North America, please email Karen Dalton Preston
In Europe, please email Philipp Lung

Familienbuch Traunau 1784-1990

{No Cover art available}

Familienbuch Traunau 1784-1990, by Eckhardt Petendra
672 pages
Price: € 40 + postage (about 8 euros to the US)
To order, please contact Eckhardt Pentendra by email at

Königsgnad/Tirol, 1812 - 1910


A newly published 2 Volume Family Book for Königsgnad/Tirol, 1812 - 1910 is now available.

The price is 25 € plus postage.

The set can be ordered from Günther Friedmann by email

Ortsfamilienbuch Neu-Arad im Banat 1725-1835

Neu Arad

Ortsfamilienbuch Neu-Arad im Banat 1725-1835
By Edgar Aldag

1,144 pages, DIN A4, Hardcover

To order:

Price is 65 €, plus shipping.

Shipping (with insured service) to the United States is via DHL 30 €
Shipping (with insured service) within Europe is via DHL 20 €
Shipping (with insured service) within Germany is via DHL 5 €

Prepaid payment via webshop (PayPAL or wire transfer).

Familienbuch St. Hubert, Charleville, Soltur 1770 - 1835/1854 on CD

St Hubert CD

The Family Book by Josef Kühn, published in 2004, has been out of print for several years. It covered records from 1770 to *1835/ oo 1854/+1854. The original 553 page work has now been revised, errors have been corrected, and the work converted to PDF format by members of the AVBF.

It is now available on CD for 20 € plus shipping.

Orders in Europe should be directed to:
Philipp Lung, Schwarzaweg 18, D 78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, or by email

Orders for North America should be directed to:
Karen Dalton Preston, 6552 Green Acres Blvd, New Port Richey Florida, 34655, or by email
Dave Dreyer, 808 N Claremont San Mateo California 94401, or by email

Kolut - "Memory and Reminders" Heimat Book

By Anton Reppmann

Kolut Heimatbuch

Kolut (Serbian Cyrillic: Колут) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Sombor municipality, in the West Bačka District, Vojvodina province (the Batschka).

The book was originally published in 1980, but is now out-of-print. In February of 2010, Mr. Thomas Willand created a PDF file with an image copy of the book "Kolut Volume I" by Anton Reppmann.

The zipped PDF of the book is fully searchable. The file is very large - 108 megabytes. The full book can be downloaded here.

If you wish to read the book on-line, there is a web browser-friendly version here, with a link to the Family Names pages.

You can also download an e-pub version of the book (51 megabytes) here.

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